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Ms.Vaniya Rattanapetcho (อาจารย์รัตน์)

CEO & Founder of Bangkok Bangkok Academy

BBA Ramkhamhaeng University

Experience 15 Years

Training on PMU

- Soft Touch and Microblading Course from Violet Institute from Korea

- 3D Microblading Course by Master David Zhang (World Champion) from Singapore

- 6D Microblading Course (1 of 5 student in Thailand) by Master David Zhang (World Champion) from Singapore

- Traditional 3D Microblading from Ginza International Beauty & Hair Academy from China

- Advance Permanent Makeup Course from BioTouch USA

- Correction & Camouflaging Permanent Makeup Course from BioTouch USA

- 6HD Feather Touch Eyebrow course from BioTouch USA

- Professional Senior Permanent Makeup Beautician from Mastor International Institute China

- 3D Permanent Makeup course from XCT Dazzling Color Permanent Makeup Institute China

- Micro Pigmentation and Derma Pigmentation from Nouveau Contour Amsterdam

- Semi Permanent Makeup Highest course from Kook Min University, Seoul, South Korea

Special PMU Instructor

- Instructor at BioTouch International Beauty Institute Thailand

- Trainer at Nouveau Contour Thailand

- Instructor for Bella Thailand

- Master International Instructor by M.T.S. Make-up Association from Korea


Certified Judge & Speaker

- Eyebrow Tattoo Challenge Competition 2015 at Zeer Rangsit on 6-7 December 2015

- Tattoo Eyebrow Professional Competition 2015 at Aiyara Grand Pattaya Hotel on 14 December 2015

- Best Challenge & Championship 2016 at Centra Government Complex Hotel on 30 January 2016

- Thailand Eyebrow Professional Awards 2016 at Imperial World Ladprao on 18-19 March 2016

- International judge for the 12th K-Beauty World Festival in Seoul, South Korea

- Judge for the 2nd Eyebrow Tattoo Challenge at Zeer Rangsit, Thailand

- International judge for the 13th K-Beauty Jeju World Festival (KBWF) in Jeju, South Korea on 3 July 2016

- International judge for International Federation of Beauty Conturist (IFBC) in Jeju, South Korea on 3 July 2016

- Guest Speaker and Judge for Permanent Makeup Entrepreneur Development Project at Suan Dusit University on 8 and 23 July 2016

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